I was born in New Zealand but currently live in Australia. Before the pandemic, I bought an old coconut plantation property on the beach in Fiji. There I distill essential oils from local medicinal plants. My calling to help women is not just in the yoga and wellness space but also to help the women and children of Fiji find businesses of their own. Currently, Covid is surging in Fiji so I cannot hold retreats until it passes, but I’m hopeful that soon I can get back to hosting wellness retreats there for both locals and women abroad. My calling is to help the women and children of Fiji establish their own businesses just as I hope I can help you establish yours.

My Journey To Holistic Living

I’m a certified Health and Wellness Coach who has been coaching personal development for nearly 20 years. Throughout those 20 years, I’ve helped already enlightened women fan the flame of their own creativity, create businesses and transform into their best selves.

I offer life coaching services as well as Holistic Transformational Coaching programs for women who are struggling or perhaps simply not living fully in their lives. Whether they are wrestling with spirituality or how to live a more spiritual life, or they need help professionally or in their love lives, or even if they just need help coping emotionally or personally, I offer solution-based programs that can help to shift out of negativity and shortcomings into their highest selves. I offer heart-centered transformation for women who want to live peacefully, truthfully, and completely.

I also feel a strong calling to help female entrepreneurs, who want to excel in the yoga and wellness sphere, succeed without compromising the values that make them special. As a woman in the wellness business myself, I know how difficult it can be to start your career without guidance, and my experience in the field has equipped me with the knowledge that can help.

As an RYT500 or registered yoga teacher with 500 hours of yoga beyond the required amount, I fundamentally understand the importance of yoga in one’s life. As someone who feels a deeply special connection to my Ashram Vedansha in Rishikesh, I know how yoga and wellness can change one’s life, and that it is important to spread these core values beyond just ourselves.

Together we can take your dream wellness business into a reality while existing virtually. Sometimes it’s hard to excel in a business that functions on human connecting while being online, but through my years of experience doing just that, I know that it is possible and that I am the one to help you do it.

I believe this makes me uniquely qualified to help other women to turn their yoga and wellness business dreams into a successful business that brings joy and peace to the world.


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